Friday, May 15, 2009

Too Big


Yesterday I spend the day with mentor and he told me a story about a visit to Ronald Regan's Oval Office.  The President was 'off-site' and my friend was receiving a private tour of the White House.  The tour was so 'behind the scenes' that my friend was allowed to walk behind the President's desk.  On the desk were three small tent cards.  Each had a quote.  Each helped keep the President focused and humble.  The card with the strongest message to me said, "You can get too big for God to use, but you can never be too small."  

How often do we become to big for God to use?  

I am on the staff of a Catholic Church. I run the Faith Formation Office.  The work that my staff and I do is very important.  However, sometimes we become too important.  Sometimes I make decisions thinking only of myself.  If all of my decisions are not considering God and His plan, then I am failing.

God has given me many talents and gifts.  I must strive to use these talents and gifts for His glory.  I must be working to make Him bigger.  Not me.

When working with people that seem to have fallen into a creative funk when it comes to planning lessons to be used at Church, I bring out one of my favorite lines.  THERE IS NO I, ME OR MY WHEN IS COMES TO DOING GOD'S WORK.  If it has become MY 7th grade catechism lesson I have failed.  It is all His!

Prayer for Simplicity

Lord, help me now to unclutter my life,
to organise myself in the direction of simplicity.

Lord, teach me to listen to my heart;
teach me to welcome change, instead of fearing it.

Lord, I give You these stirrings inside me,
I give You my discontent,
I give You my restlessness,
I give You my doubt
I give You my despair
I give You all the longings I hold inside.

Help me to listen to these signs of change, of growth;
to listen seriously and follow where they lead,
through the breathtaking empty space of an open door.

- Northumbria Community (from Celtic Daily Prayer)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ambassador of Paradise


No, today's Prayer Warrior Blog is not hommage to Jimmy Buffet.  May 8th is the feast of the APPARITION of SAINT MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL Monte Gargano, Italy (492).  It is evident from Holy Scripture that God is pleased to make frequent use of the ministry of the heavenly spirits in the dispensations of His providence in this world. The Angels are all pure spirits; by a property of their nature they are immortal, as is every spirit. They have the power of moving or conveying themselves at will from place to place, and such is their activity that it is not easy for us to conceive of it. Among the holy Archangels, Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are particularly distinguished in the Scriptures. Saint Michael, whose name means Who is like unto God?, is the prince of the faithful Angels who opposed Lucifer and his followers in their revolt against God. Since the devil is the sworn enemy of God’s holy Church, Saint Michael is given to it by God as its special protector against the demon’s assaults and stratagems.

I have been praying the NOVENA TO ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL for the past week, seeking his protection and prayers.  I have been fascinated by all of his titles. St. Michael is definitely a Prayer Warrior.

Litany of St. Michael the Archangel

    Lord, have mercy on us. 
    Christ, have mercy on us.

    Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us. 
    Christ, graciously hear us.

    God the Father of Heaven, 
    Have mercy on us.

    God the Son, Redeemer of the world, 
    Have mercy on us.

    God the Holy Spirit, 
    Have mercy on us.

    Holy Trinity, One God, 
    Have mercy on us.

    Holy Mary, Queen of the Angels, pray for us
    St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us. 
    Most glorious attendant of the Triune Divinity, etc. 
    Standing at the right of the Altar of Incense, 
    Ambassador of Paradise, 
    Glorious Prince of the heavenly armies, 
    Leader of the angelic hosts, 
    Warrior who thrust Satan into Hell, 
    Defender against the wickedness and snares of the devil, 
    Standard-bearer of God’s armies, 
    Defender of divine glory, 
    First defender of the Kingship of Christ, 
    Strength of God, 
    Invincible prince and warrior, 
    Angel of peace, 
    Guardian of the Christian Faith, 
    Guardian of the Legion of St. Michael, 
    Champion of God’s people, 
    Champion of the Legion of St. Michael, 
    Guardian angel of the Eucharist, 
    Defender of the Church, 
    Defender of the Legion of St. Michael, 
    Protector of the Sovereign Pontiff, 
    Protector of the Legion of St. Michael, 
    Angel of Catholic Action, 
    Powerful intercessor of Christians, 
    Bravest defender of those who hope in God, 
    Guardian of our souls and bodies, 
    Healer of the sick, 
    Help of those in their agony, 
    Consoler of the souls in Purgatory, 
    God’s messenger for the souls of the just, 
    Terror of the evil spirits, 
    Victorious in battle against evil, 
    Guardian and Patron of the Universal Church, 
    Guardian and Patron of the Legion of St. Michael,

    Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, 
    Spare us, O Lord.

    Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, 
    Graciously hear us, O Lord.

    Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, 
    Have mercy on us.

    Pray for us, O glorious St. Michael, 
    That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

God's Internet


“The Internet causes billions of images to appear on millions of computer monitors around the planet. From this galaxy of sight and sound will the face of Christ emerge and the voice of Christ be heard? For it is only when His face is seen and His voice heard that the world will know the glad tidings of our redemption. ...Therefore,... I dare to summon the whole Church bravely to cross this new threshold, to put out nto the deep of the Net, so that now as in the past the great engagement of the Gospel and culture may show to the world ‘the glory of God on the face of Christ’.” —Pope John Paul II

Are you doing all you can to promote God's Kingdom?