Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Vacation

It has been three months since I have posted to the Prayer Warrior Blog. It has not been so much due to my lack of interest but more to how summer vacation changes my daily grind. I am the Assistant Director of Religious Education at our local Catholic Church. Throughout the school year, I have a schedule that allows me many liberties and offers great flexibility. Every weekday morning I am able to see the kids off to school and three of the afternoons I am home when the kids get off the bus. I am at work for 10 hours on Sunday, but it is at church and very few of those hours are spent behind a desk. Working on Sunday and the two other days we offer faith formation programming is very close to pure joy. I consider myself very lucky.

Summertime, on the other hand, causes work to seem more like work. Other than a week of VBS and two one-week intensive Summer Faith Formation sessions we are occupied with administrative and organizational tasks. Also, many days I have to 'drag' one or both of my kids to work. My son is handicapped and has a nurse's assistant to watch over and care for him while I am at work. Sometimes she cannot make it in. My daughter is now old enough to stay home, but usually wanted to come to work with me just to get out of the house.

Our summer did have some of the typical and atypical breaks in the routine, though none of them brought with them a push to return to my blogging. Once school got out, we went to Florida for a glorious week-long family reunion with my family. It was awesome. In July my son became ill and spent a week in the hospital. I stayed with him each night. The illness postponed a surgery he was to have in July to August. A week and a half ago he had this surgery and it went well. The Dr. was pleased. The recovery has been another issue. He is OK, but he far from being the little boy we brought to the hospital. The prognosis is for a full recovery, but we have no idea how long it will take of if it will be a total recovery. We do have our faith and prayer - many prayers.

So, with all that said I am eager to get back to my regular routine and the Prayer Warrior Blog.

Lord of heaven and earth; maker of all things including today. Father, I pray for this, the first day of school. Would your mighty hand rest securly upon the administration of our schools as they seek to guide our children through this school year. May you influence and guide their decisions and actions. Mighty God, would you settle upon the teachers that have direct contact and influence on our children; allow them to teach well and boldly. Lord Jesus, protect and guide our children as they ride the buses, walk the halls and interact together. Lord of all, I pray that when we look back on this, another school year, we see your finger prints covering it. Thank you Lord for today and tomorrow and this entire year of learning, loving and life. Amen.

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